For many millennia, the land of Hyrule has been a bastion of peace. Radiant towns, vibrant villages, all encompassed by a vivacious natural environment. But, the breath of the wild carries a dark dark tale. One that speaks of fabled creatures that terrorised the land many moons ago.

Lynels; Unspeakable giants with an immense unrivalled power. A species forged in the very nightmares of men. 

Amidst the sheer terror of the tale alone, some spoke of a slayer, a nameless youth who would appear in the darkest hour and bring the light of hope into the breasts of men.

A hero with the courage to stand toe to hoof with these calamitous foes.

Legends foretold of a day, a dark day where these beasts would return. But many believed it would never come to pass.

But as the shadows began to engulf the earth, the wearying whispers of souls blew through the lands like a raspy furnace … As the sun set, the realisation dawned.

The Lynels are coming!

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