Time: Saturdays, 10:00am

Channel: Challenge TV

Country: UK

Language: English

ProducedBy: Adam Mason

Production Company: Ginx TV

Videogame Nation is a television show on Challenge TV celebrating games, gamers and gaming culture co-hosted by gaming journalists Dan Maher (Explosive Alan), Aoife Wilson (Eurogamer) and comedian John Robertson (The Dark Room).

Featuring one major release per week, the series is a blend of reviews, conversation, comedy and competition.

Inel Tomlinson lends his comedic abilities and extensive knowledge of video games to provide commentary on gaming topics each week, ranging from his love of JRPGs to his frustrations with modern day FPSs.

You can catch Videogame Nation every Saturday morning on Challenge TV at 10am.

Don’t forget to use the Hashtag #VGN