Featuring the Voice of: Inel Tomlinson as Agent A Gent

Created By: Ciaran Morrison and Mick O’Hara

Channel: CBBC, CBBC HD and RTE

Time: 6:00pm weekdays

Country: UK

Language: English

Production Company: Flame TV (Avalon), Jam Media, Flickerpix

They arrived on UK TV screens in Channel 4’s Big Breakfast back in the mid 1990s and now – almost two decades later – Zig and Zag are making a comeback.

Creators Ciarán Morrison and Mick O’Hara (who give voice to the perky puppets) have penned 26 new animated adventures for the pair, which will air on CBBC.

And yes, they are ‘animated’ adventures, so we’re not entirely sure what’s happening to the actual puppets. Surely they can’t abandon them completely?

The new series follows the boys as they “crash land” in the suburbs and set themselves up in a “half spaceship/half house” before getting up to all sorts of trouble.

“Zig & Zag will take young viewers along with them on their hilarious adventures as the crazy pair attempt to experience everything planet Earth has to offer” the blurb reads.

Morrison and O’Hara will be back to voice their iconic characters while former Playing The Field, Bad Girls and Coronation Street star Debra Stephenson steps on board to provide additional support.

Making the leap into animation certainly is a new adventure for the pair. The alien brothers from the planet Zog first popped up on Irish TV screens in the late 80s when they joined kids’ TV show Dempsey’s Den before joining The Big Breakfast and enjoying a stint at MTV and ITV.